Tellignet Updates Focus on Extensibility, Performance and Ease of Adoption
Telligent (news, site) has made improvements to their community and enterprise collaboration software. Improvements that focus on performance and extensibility, flexibility and ease of adoption.

It was June of last year when Telligent went through a major transformation, not only rebranding their enterprise collaboration and community solutions, but moving to a platform-based offering with a continued focus on the critical need for analytics.

With a renewed focus that included not only collaboration, but integration with enterprise applications, Telligent introduced:

  • Telligent Community 5.0: This is the latest version of the externally facing community solution supporting partners and customers.
  • Telligent Enterprise 2.0: The latest version of the internal enterprise collaboration solution, formerly called Community Server Evolution, focused on enterprise integration in addition to community capabilities.
  • Telligent Analytics 3.0: Formerly Harvest Reporting Server, Analytics 3.0 introduced a number of new reports to help organizations measure engagement.

And the new underlying platform that supports all these new editions was Telligent evolution. Built on the Microsoft stack, it includes an API available through a REST interface to support third party application integration.

New Versions, More Extensibility

New versions of both Telligent Community -- now 5.5 -- and Telligent Enterprise -- now 2.5 are available. Here's what's new.

  • Community 5.5: A configurable registration form allows you to add, order and customize fields, and interface enhancements shorten clicks required to do an action. You can also create new content pages, modify navigation, create blog and file mashups and content areas that are search driven.
  • Enterprise 2.5: Extensible security options include setting access rights to content, sharing video content from internal and external sources, and creating employee dashboards while still ensuring corporate information is still visible.

What's Coming for Analytics

March will also bring a new version of the Telligent analytics. The company is also providing a sneak peek at some of the enhancements we can expect:

  • Optimized for high-traffic, large communities
  • Integration with any data source (like Twitter)
  • Publish and share reports with external sites

And if all these enhancements excite you and make you want to develop applications for the Telligent platform, there will also be a platform SDK available in March.

Need to learn more? Then register for a webinar on Thursday February 18th.