Together, Yammer and NetSuite Socialize Business Data
SuiteWorld 2011 kicked off today with a cool little announcement: NetSuite (news, site) and Yammer have joined forces for the greater good of mission-critical data. In other words, such information can now be socialized within the enterprise. 

Socializing Business Data and Activity

In NetSuite, a new SuiteApp called SuiteSocial allows users to socialize business data for use with social networking and collaboration applications.

For example, users can 'follow' records of interest in NetSuite, and SuiteSocial takes the activities and updates that occur around them and syndicates them to an external social stream or feed.

The NetSuite SuiteSocial content is integrated into Yammer's new Activity Streams feature. Activity Streams are currently displayed as a separate feed in Yammer and in the future the most relevant stories will be elevated into the user’s primary feed.

“Yammer and NetSuite share a common vision where systems of record such as NetSuite can communicate through systems of engagement such as Yammer to make enterprise collaboration and communication more efficient,” said Zach Nelson, President and Chief Executive Officer, NetSuite. “The new combination of NetSuite and Yammer is an important advance for NetSuite customers to enable easy communication and collaboration around activity taking place within NetSuite – in a private and social Yammer environment.”

Yammer's Angle

Yammer Activity Streams aim to aggregate activity stories across a wide variety of enterprise applications. By importing content from NetSuite, Yammer Activity Streams lend users an instant snapshot of NetSuite activity inside Yammer, where they can then collaborate with colleagues until the cows come home.

“Yammer is a secure social layer that can make all enterprise applications more collaborative and engaging,” said David Sacks, founder and CEO, Yammer. “With the NetSuite integration, we’ll be able to import highly relevant content from NetSuite and drive real-time collaboration around it.” 

The Yammer Activity Streams launch is slated for Q2, followed by the NetSuite integration in early Q3.