Tomoye v3 for SharePoint Released, Open Sources Web UI
At the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston in June, Tomoye demoed the latest version of their enterprise community and social networking platform for SharePoint. Now that latest version -- 3.0 -- is available and it has a number of new features and licensing models that may interest you.

What's New in Tomoye 3.0

We provided you a quick look at what was new in Tomoye 3.0 during its Beta period. Features included: Filter-based navigation of content and members, Member Engagement Tools, Member Recognition and Expertise Location and more.


Tomoye 3.0 Community

Along with these features, additional capabilities include:

  • Crowd-Sourced Content Management: This term kind of confused us, so we went back for clarification. According Eric Sauve, CEO and Co-Founder, what this means is that content is organized and displayed to the user based on what users liked best. So instead of an administrator trying to figure out what content to display to users, the system does it through its configurable ranking algorithm. This algorithm tracks both implicit and explicit user behavior, plus what is new and upcoming, determining the most appropriate content to display.
  • Real time Export Rosters: Experts are defined by their actions within the community and how others perceive them. As activities change for a user and people vote for good content, the expert list (or roster) changes as well -- ensuring you always have an updated list of who's in the know.
  • Social View of the Enterprise: Liken this to what Jive is doing with Jive Connect and its SharePoint Connector -- taking community content and SharePoint, combining them together and providing a view across the enterprise. Again the views are based on explicit user interactions in the community and explicit endorsement via voting and other mechanisms.


Tomoye 3.0 Expert Roster

Adopting an Open Source Model

Well, not completely. But Tomoye has taken steps towards open source to make life easier for developers. They already offer a full API and a standards based template engine to support extending the platform. But now they have also released the source code for their Web UI.

Tomoye is deployed as a SharePoint _layout application. It utilizes SharePoint's authentication provider and search and is deployed through the Central Administration interface.

In effect, it is built directly into SharePoint, something NewsGator's SocialSites can no longer claim as one of their differentiators.

A New Partner Model

With the release of Tomoye Communities Software v3.0 also comes a new partner model. One that offers partners incentives such as free deployment for 50 seats or less.

Designed for both Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 and SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS), Tomoye licensing starts at around US$ 35 per seat. Tomoye can be deployed as both an on-premise or hosted (SaaS or dedicated) solution. Discounts, of course, can be negotiated for volume, but also for external facing sites.

You can learn more about Tomoye 3.0 on their website. Still not convinced? Tomoye offers you five reasons why you should try their platform.