Traction updates to TeamPage 4.1 with document tracking
The principal additions to the latest version of Traction Software’s TeamPage (news, site), which has recently been released, are new plugins that will allow companies analyze user activity on enterprise blogs, wiki pages and other interactive platforms.

TeamPage 4.1, Traction says, will allow a company to identify even complex patterns in user habits and, in doing so, adapt enterprise wikis, or blogs, to suit the needs or requirements of the people in the company that use it.

Building on TeamPage 4.0

TeamPage 4.1 is the latest version of Traction’s enterprise 2.0 social software product that was first unveiled in 1999.

The 4.0 version was launched last June and offered support for moderation, page name history and management, as well as user profile pages. However, at the time of its release, the company said it was working on new plug-ins that would be included in the 4.1 package.

And now, with the release of 4.1 those plug-ins are available.

Metrics Plug-In Tracks Workspace Activity

One of the new plug-ins - the Metrics Plug-In - which Traction is promoting heavily, tracks user activity allowing managers and users to assess what is happening with Traction’s workspace activity.

Using Traction SDK and SDL (Skin Definition Language) the plug-in, leveraging a pluggable database to store related content, shows not only what documents are being read, but also who is accessing what, and when they are accessing it. If asked to, it will also publish links to the reader’s profile.


Traction Metrics

In addition to this, it allows the user indicate what they think the top articles are, publish their own input on the articles in the workspace. This can be tracked over a specified period of time, be it a day, month or for the lifetime of the document in question.

The benefits of this are obvious, but Traction is pin-pointing interactive learning by community members, administrators and managers about the document as one of the key advantages.

All activity by users in respect of content – authoring, editing, tagging and comments, page views - are recorded and presented through the use and reporting interfaces.

The interfaces includes categories like ‘Top Articles’, ‘Viewed By’, ‘Top Projects’ and ‘Top Tags’ amongst others. The reporting interface also lets you download a CSV version of the data.

Extension of ‘Live Blog’ Technology

One of the other primary upgrades from the last version is the extension of the “Live Blog” technology to document sharing. It allows for the development of targeted content based on the user activity metrics and analysis of content ratings.

With the new tools, it will be possible for Wiki administrators to build the Wiki around identified needs rather than building on information that is often out of date and inaccurate.

Coupled with this is a new document management interface that will allow users see all document activity in a shared folder.

Live Blog_Traction_2009.jpg

Document Sharing

The new facility allows users in real time to see what stage in its development a document is at and signal in real time when a given document has been accessed or changed.

The interface uses the same software as Traction’s micro messaging product that runs at similar speeds to instant messaging services.

Ratings Plug-in

Also new in 4.1, the ‘Ratings’ plug-in comes in two formats: the 5-Star and the 'Thumbs Up' Ratings. Both provide different feedback from the user, giving a better sense of what the user really thinks.

The ‘5-star’ rating gives feedback from users on what they think of ideas and products, while the ‘Thumbs-Up’ gives a numerical breakdown of who and where a particular product/idea was found to be interesting and useful, and where it ‘crashed’.

Traction’s Front Page also features panels that display content ratings for periods of one day, seven days, or longer.

TeamPage 4.1 is available now for an annual subscription or perpetual license. But if you still aren't sure you are ready to buy, then try the free version TeamPage5 now.