Dashboards are an effective way of monitoring data and web information, but what if your current product doesn't provide reporting or a dash? ReportsMaestro could have the answer.

Code-Free Reporting

It is almost seen as a crime not to have a dashboard in your application these days, but for plenty of older apps or for custom-created data, that might not be an option. Charging to the rescue comes ReportsMaestro, offering to help you construct dashboard Web pages based on data sources.

ReportsMaestro installs to a web server with ASP or PHP, with MySQL 4.1.0 or MySQL 5.x, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle or other databases installed. Using a web-based report builder, users can rapidly create charts or reports from data stored in those DBs using step-by-step selection or writing SQL queries.

Query Builder can help to enhance the utilization of your database information by joining tables, grouping, sorting and filtering data, helping to make it more accessible. Those who have heard the phrase Business Intelligence, can start here when it comes to helping their company understand a little more about what the numbers mean.


Users can rapidly pull data into their reports or charts

Make It Pretty

A range of stylish charts can be used to represent numeric data and tables can be smartly formatted within the browser to create attractive reports. These can be exported to Word or Excel for editing or wider distribution. Charts can be accessed from a list for live updates at any time and there are some perky Flash effects as they are created to add some dynamism to your numbers.


Make your business reports look good

Charts can be made publicly accessible or kept private for sensitive information. ReportsMaestro launched earlier this year and has seen a couple of updates already. Potential users can try the product demo live on the site.

Prices start from one-time fees of US$ 79 for one site, US$ 129 for 10 sites and a US$ 199 for a Platinum version offering unlimited sites. All versions come with a years email support, one years free upgrades and unlimited report and chart creating capabilities.