Tumblr Bursts into the Top 25 Most Popular Sites
Popular social site Tumblr (news, site) is doing even better than believed, as a code error was found to be underreporting the number of visitors it gets, with the revised results putting it among the top 25 U.S. sites.

Number Jumble Puts Tumblr Tops

Tumblr really is a social media site of great beauty these days. From the big attractive icons to the functional app-like controls, and premium themes, it really does look gorgeous. No wonder so many people are visiting the userbases' huge number of blogs.

Anyway, back to the story, on his Tumblr site post, CEO John Maloney shows Tumblr getting 86.2 million visitors from around the world, although 2% of addicted users accounting for a whopping 40% of that activity.

Learning Opportunities

Growing Up Fast

Growth has rocketed recently, but not from a huge surge or sudden influx of visitors. Apparently Quantcast's measuring system was failing to count visitor interactions beyond the front page, so when the bug was fixed, Tumblr's numbers spiked up to look even more impressive.

Tumblr's interface is attracting a global audience

Tumblr's interface is attracting a global audience

The result is that Tumblr now records over 400 milliion pageviews per day. A lot of the growth is international with Tumblr's visual interface appealing to a wider audience. It is also easy to drop media into posts, which will appeal to the mobile set, always taking photo and video.