Attensity (news, site), best known for their social media monitoring tools, recently announced a partnership with Twitter. Attensity will now be able to listen, analyze and act with better access to the complete stream of one of the fastest growing channels of customer feedback and conversation in social media.

Capturing the Twitter Firehose

With the partnership, Attensity customers will have real-time access to Twitter's "Firehose", or complete data stream, of over 90 million Tweets each day.

Such advanced access means that businesses can keep a watchful eye on the conversations, posts and comments happening on the social web, all of which, if missed, could adversely impact their brand and customers. With more of the enterprise focused on monitoring customer conversations, Attensity is helping businesses not only monitor but engage with customers, ultimately improving their satisfaction rate and ensuring customers remain loyal to that business.

Converting Conversations Into Relationships

By using the Twitter Firehose, with its patented Exhaustive Extraction approach, coupled with other rich semantic technologies, the hope is that Attensity’s access will extend the value of its Voice of the Customer solutions, giving companies the opportunity to convert millions of these social media conversations into relationships.

Learning Opportunities

According to their blog, Attensity’s chief marketing officer Michelle de Haaff thinks that Twitter may be the next customer service hotline, allowing customers to ask questions about products and services via Twitter. She says,

…There has been a big change over the course of the last decade around how consumers want to receive service.I’d rather go to a website and find an answer, versus wait on hold for a service agent to answer the phone and help me.I look for help in community forums, get advice on purchases on review sites and even ask opinions (and give my opinion/post a complaint) on Twitter and Facebook.

Whether Twitter is the next customer service platform or not, it’s apparent that social media is changing the way consumers interact with businesses and brands. The sooner that companies understand and respond to these trends, the more relationships they can cultivate.

Attensity will be showing off its latest technologies at its third annual global user conference, Attensity Engage, on November 9-10, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. CMSWire will be there covering the event.