Busy-bee Jive (news, site) boosts its social content and marketing with some moves to raise its profile in the enterprise social space. 

Drink From Twitter's Firehose

Hot on the heels of its recent upgrade for Jive Social Business Solution (SBS), offering social networking for enterprise 2.0 -types, the company has made a couple more interesting announcements as it looks to push further into the market.

The first is it's signing up for a Twitter Firehose license, allowing its users access to the full indexed Twitterstream. From the new "Jive What Matters" dashboard in SBS, companies or enterprises can view all the messages about their organization -- like a rolling newsfeed about what is being said -- and react to it.

The indexed feed means that users can view the full conversation, making it easier to see what is being said rather than just seeing one keyword tweet and having to reconstruct the conversation through manual hunting. With some 65 million tweets a day, and growing, advanced ways of finding information will become important features for social tools.

Get It at the Marketplace

Another move for the company is Jive's appearance on the Google Apps Marketplace (although we can't find it yet). Store visitors can now pick up the cloud-based version of SBS from the marketplace or try out the free trial version. This makes SBS visible to some two million more potential customers, who can also launch Jive SBS directly from the store.

With the never-ending rush to add social features and expand in the market, Jive is pushing forward at a rate of knots to secure its place in a booming market.

Learning Opportunities

It has also partnered with another company, CSC, to create its own marketplace, the Jive Apps Market. This market is designed to appeal and provide new features to mobile Jive users, who will be looking for light and agile tools to help keep up with the main product line. CSC will also become another outlet for Jive products.

Multiple Partners

Another Jive tie-up announced today is with the Dachis Group where the plan is to develop social solutions for specific vertical markets and industries. With a long term goal of improving Jive's appeal directly to these verticals, the partnership will see the design and creation features that appeal to emerging customer markets, offering Dachis' social research to Jive customers, to help tailor and focus the use of SBS.

The plan is to help those enterprises just coming into the social space and meeting their needs as they integrate social solutions into their business. Dachis research covers what options are available and how they should fit, helping deliver the right solution.

With all this news going on, you might want to hear what the company is up to. If you're really quick, you can join in the company's discussion on its future which is being webcast today with company CEO Tony Zingale.