tVideo Conferencing, VoIP Added to Beta for TeamViewer 5
Naturally, as the increasingly remote nature of our interactions becomes more apparent, the number of vehicles that enable it grows exponentially. One such tool is video conferencing, and the latest to add it to their bucket of desktop communication solutions is TeamViewer GmbH (news, site).


We've reviewed the team's desktop sharing solution before, but in case you need reminding, the tool basically allows  users to share their desktop with remote colleagues.  Being able to collaborate on projects no matter where you or or where your co-workers are comes in handy for presentations, especially when your audience is also sprinkled across the globe. 

Through Web Connector, TeamViewer also enables users to “take over” remote machines in order to fix problems or apply updates. Because Web Connector only uses HTML and Flash 9, TeamViewer claims it to be trustworthy in security critical environments:


TeamViewer Web Connector Screenshot


TeamViewer 5 beta welcomes VoIP and online video conferencing to the party. Now integral parts to TeamViewer, the new frills aim to make work more fun, efficient and personal. Some cool new points include a back monitor, which allows a presenter to see exactly what viewers are watching on their screens, and a conference call number. Participants can call the number and enter a pin, which will take them to a teleconference room where they can discuss via phone.


TeamViewer 5.0 beta Video Conferencing Screenshot

"Releasing the beta version of TeamViewer 5 is a very important step for us," said Holger Felgner, Product Manager of TeamViewer GmbH. "We are excited to bring video conferencing to our remote software solution as this will add a personal edge to online teamwork. With the beta version out, we are carefully assessing user feedback and will take all of this into account when finalizing TeamViewer 5 before the end of the year".

Interested? Get all the dirt here, but keep in mind that this is a beta version. TeamViewer says they plan on updating frequently until the official version ready for release, so if you've got some valuable input, be sure to voice it.