File delivery service company SendStuffNow offers a cloud-based solution for users who need secure access to large data files on their smartphone with a new app for Windows Phone 7 users.

No More Bouncing

Already available for iPhone and Android users, SendStuffNow lets mobile users send and receive files up to 2GB in size using their phone in a secure and easy manner. Even the most optimistic email user wouldn't try to send a file that large and FTP isn't an option for most smartphones.

SendStuffNow uses cloud storage to act as a secure repository for your files that you can then transfer to phones via an app. Business users can use their Outlook app as a manager and the Windows Phone 7 client helps move files to the device.

A desktop user with files to send uploads them and can send an email invitation to users who need to download them. Those users don't need any apps -- it works via email and web. Mobile users with the app can use it to monitor the status of files and allow them to be queued. Mobile users can also upload photos, video or other files from their phone.


SendStuffNow simplifies large file transfer to mobiles

Get the App

The app makes use of the Microsoft phone's OS sideswipe user interface (UI),  downloadable through the Zune Marketplace, offering tools for better control of file transfers between family, colleagues and friends. SendStuffNow offers services for personal or business use, starting from US$ 10 a month for 2GB of storage up to US$ 125 for 10-user seats and highest-speed downloads.

The service makes use of file compression and 256-bit AES encryption to protect data in the cloud. A Blackberry version of the app should be available later this year.