The Web’s abuzz with any kind of solution that enables teams of people to work collaboratively from remote locations. Call it Enterprise 2.0, call it genius, call it a virtual phenomenon or a one-way ticket to amorphous blob-ville (think: WALL-E); whatever it is, no matter what it may or may not become, it’s obvious it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

WizeHive is one such solution. The collaboration tool lets users share files, manage projects and track activity with others in secure, private workspaces—a great bundle of capabilities in its own right. But the WizeHive's honey, the real sweet spot, is their penchant for integration.

The second beta update was just released this week and targets collaborative project management using a social scope.


WizeHive has been described as a cross between Basecamp and Backpack, with a slice of micro-blogging for good measure. The privately funded company first hit the grid in late 2008, and is attempting to shimmy their way out of beta as quickly as possible.

The tool is mainly known for how it allows people to use their established communication channels to get their work done. For example, WizeHive’s Twitter interface and e-mail integration allows users to populate and manage notes, tasks, or files in workspaces. Direct messages sent to WizeHive through Twitter instantly update workspaces, and collaborators receive email notification of content that’s been shared without having to login to WizeHive.

"Improving the flow of communication and work process is what brought me into this business so I’m pleased to be continually releasing new features to help our users manage their work in an even simpler and quicker way,” said Michael Levinson, co-founder of WizeHive.

New Sweetness

In addition to Twitter integration, WizeHive’s second beta release also features an increase in the speed and amount of information that can be shared (up to 50 files can be uploaded at once with a maximum file size of 100 MB) among other improvements:

  • Improved UI for tracking and managing a large numbers of shared files
  • Enhanced file management and version control
  • Embedded image viewer
  • Streamlined collaborative editing of documents and spreadsheets
  • Enhanced list functionality for grouping and sorting tasks

Catch the buzz-worthy tool in action here:

Join the Hive

Though there are a ton of similar solutions, what’s notable about WizeHive is that rather than replacing popular alternatives like SharePoint (an endeavor Box.net seems to be after) and adding a ton of their own brand of applications like Zoho (though they do have some widgets called WizeApps), it’s designed to work with the tools you already have.

The team has dropped hints about being close to shaking the title, but as it stands WizeHive is still in beta. Presently you can sign up for a free account with unlimited users, but you’re limited to 50MB of storage space (an extra 3GB is US$ 8 per month). Personal accounts, which are limited to 3 users and 50MB of space are also free. As for teams or small businesses, you are permitted support for 10 users and 3GB of storage for US$ 39 a month.

Beeline on over to WizeHIve's site for additional pricing information and details.