Attention all you Yammer (news, site) fans! Today we caught wind of an announcement that makes it sound like the enterprise's favorite microblogging platform is en route to becoming a full E2.0 suite. 

Yeah, you read that right. A whole suite!

Coincidentally, I recently published an article titled "7+ Social Software Platforms for Enterprise Collaboration" in which I asked readers to contribute platforms not mentioned to the comments section. One reader suggested Yammer, but I admittedly shrugged it off because I was thinking more along the lines of fully-loaded platforms like Jive and SocialText.

[Insert appropriate phrase for being all wrong and stuff here]

The all new Yammer is slated to arrive late this month (at TechCrunch Disrupt), and, according to Yammer's official blog post, will include an application platform for enterprise social networking. 

"The Yammer platform is designed to operate as your company’s communications hub," said team Yammer. "Because of its flexibility, you’ll be able to integrate existing, third-party enterprise applications and interact with them directly in the Yammer feed."

Customers will be able to create and integrate new apps, or choose from Yammer's own apps, which include:

Learning Opportunities

  • Questions – Ask questions of co-workers and get answers
  • Polls – Easily create a poll and ask co-workers to participate
  • Events – Invite members to events, track responses and download to calendar
  • Ideas – Find and categorize the best ideas from co-workers and rank through voting
  • Links – Share links and provide visual previews of content
  • Tasks – Manage projects with timelines and tracking

A Microblogging Platform in Suite Clothes

Obviously a redesign is in order, so Yammer's new interface supports both the platform and new types of content that come with it. While conversations are still front and center, messages will now be organized in five main feeds: My feed, Company feed, Received messages, Activity feed, and Notifications:



Further, the platform will now offer chat and direct messaging to individuals and groups, while the Activity feed will enable users to pull in automated updates from existing enterprise applications.

"Social networking has revolutionized how we communicate with our friends and family and it will have an equally dramatic impact on the business world,” said David Sacks, Yammer CEO. “Our mission is to bring this revolution inside the enterprise.We believe that every company’s people, communication and culture will eventually revolve around a private and secure enterprise social network.” 

Sounds like our little Yammer is growing up! Interested? Check TechCrunch's live stream of the event here