#10c Sun Is Key For IOUG At Oracle Collaborate 10

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This year’s COLLABORATE 10 conference is the first since Oracle (news, site) acquired Sun. So it's the first time that users of both can get together officially and compare notes.

Speaking about theSun deal, Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG)president Ian Abramson says theresult will be a one-stop shop based on complete integration of the two.

The way that integration is achieved, however,will depend on what Oracle wants to get out of it and how quickly it actually happens.

For many of the attendees at the meeting, this is going to be the principal question that they will hope to get some answers to over the course of the four days of workshops and presentations.

Issues around the SUN acquisition that the IOUG will be looking at in particular are issues around technology, infrastructure, middleware and databases and to see how that fits in with their goals.

Supporting Sun

Principal amongst those concerns is how Oracle will support Sun products. However, he cites a recent survey amongst Oracle database users that shows 40% of them are already using MySQL. In the future, he says, there is likely to be a lot of this, and that it is at places like COLLABORATE 10 that they will find out how to make it work.

Sun (news, site) also brings with it a whole new set of tools that will ultimately integrate with Oracle applications, he says, and over the course of the conference he hopes IOUG will get overviews and even release dates for some of them.

Learning Opportunities

He says that for IOUG, Sun users will be easy enough to work with and it will be looking to accommodate them whether they want to set up special interest groups or use the expertise that IOUG already has.


For Abramson, one of the core elements of COLLABORATE is the educational with sessions on analytics, security and virtualization expected to be areas of keen interest.

There are also Deep Dive sessions and Boot Camps, which always draw crowds, and again sessions aimed at those not familiar with Sun and its products.

Finally for those that can’t make it IOUG is streaming over the course of the conference, IOUG will be streaming 40 different sessions.