Alfresco 2.2 officially released
Piggybacking on news from a few weeks ago, Alfresco has officially launched Alfresco Enterprise 2.2. Featured enhancements seek to support the creation, deployment and update of scalable Web 2.0 sites and are targeted toward the company's "most advanced, interactive sites in the entertainment, online gaming, sports, telecommunications and publishing industries." Curious to know what's changed and see the new look? Read on. Industry leaders such as Electronic Arts, Activision and Sony Pictures Imageworks Interactive use Alfresco to provide advanced user experiences, create communities around their products, and deliver this at dramatically lower cost through the benefit of open source. Enabling companies within these industries to move beyond traditional marketing web sites, while providing users with a rich and interactive site that fosters community and customer relationships is at the forefront of this release. It is this such environment in which "2.2 represents a milestone in this direction" Using Alfresco: the My Alfresco Dashboard provides familiar welcome screen for users
For companies to build new community oriented product micro-sites, there needs to be great incentive, namely the means to be highly-scalable with the ability to integrate rich media with user generated content, support rapid content updates for a fresh customer experience, all while promoting a consistent brand. With a long list of rich media sites already using Alfresco, you can be sure they were most likely instrumental in powering the enhancements in the 2.2.release. Aimed at bringing together content management, collaboration, office and email integration all within one repository, Alfresco 2.2 new functionality includes: * Web Application Preview and Test * Web Farm Deployment Configuration * Site Templating and Branching * Asset Reuses * Email-based Collaboration * Email Archival * JMX-based Server Administration Managing Content: Secure browsing through spaces

Managing Web Content: Deploy content across multiple servers with ease.
John Newton, Chief Technology Officer at Alfresco embraces advanced open source technologies and agrees that “the corporate website is moving from a product brochure to a community around that company’s product or service." By using open source, Newton says "customers can build highly interactive, community-driven sites that are easy to manage, scalable and cost effective.” The new Alfresco Enterprise 2.2 is immediately available for enterprise customers. Online demonstrations, downloads and free trials are available.