A New Email and File Archiving Suite for SharePoint
If you use SharePoint as a primary solution within your organization, you know that it lacks archiving capabilities. MessageSolution has developed a suite that is designed to fulfill this need. At TechEd North America, they announced the MessageSolution Email & File Archive Enterprise Suite with SharePoint Archiving.

Centrally Managed Archiving Solution

Although you can deploy MessageSolution's Email, File and SharePoint Archiving Solutions separately, they can also be deployed as a centrally managed archiving solution with a single management console. This enables an organization to save money on infrastructure and hardware -- something everyone is looking to do.

The suite offers a number of capabilities including:

  • Advanced eDiscovery
  • Litigation and audit support features
  • Data restoration
  • Stubbing for storage management

In all three solutions, policies are set by the administrator to determine candidate files for archiving. In addition, the suite offers de duplication -- or single instancing -- of all types of content with high compression ratios.

As the SharePoint archiving is relatively new, we could find no additional information on the MessageSolution website that discussed this particular capability. You can, however, learn more about the Email and File Archiving Solutions.

If you are looking to see who else supplies archiving capabilities for SharePoint, here are a few to look at:

And, be sure you know the difference between a simple backup solution and an archive solution: