Author-it (news, site) is a popular tool in the content component space, ensuring your company documents maintain a consistent message. With partner Syrinx, it can now tie into SharePoint, which could make it even more popular.

Connect the Documents

Connectors seem to be in vogue recently, we have certainly covered a fair few, including a host of companies rushing to add SharePoint and other big hitters to their "we support" lists. These have included Google's support for Salesforce.com.

However, few could be as important as connectors for SharePoint, which is becoming entrenched in so many businesses (see our stories on Alterian, FatWire and others). So, now Author-it at version 5.3 -- released in July -- adds this hip feature to its repertoire, among other recent improvements in structured publishing and dictionaries.

Having partnered with Syrinx, a consulting specialist, Author-it uses the Connector and the result is a product that offers single-click publishing of content from Author-it directly into SharePoint. So, users create and publish content in Author-it and can then send it directly to SharePoint for publication to lists, libraries or web pages.

Publishing Without Barriers

Everything from text, images, links and metadata is copied over to a list in SharePoint, keeping the data intact. SharePoint indexes the list and makes the data available for browsing, or for use in other SharePoint applications. Documents can then be published to SharePoint websites and other resources.

Having added DITA support a few months back, Author-it is looking increasingly well-rounded as an enterprise publishing package.

There is a free trial available from the site and companies can request a quote for a package that is tailored to their needs.