Google (news, site) gave more power to administrators who have to integrate offline and cloud-stored data with a collection of new Google Search Appliance (GSA) connectors -- all in the name of quicker and higher ROIs.

In its quest to make all data, wherever it hides, available to Google's monstrous search tools, the company has released a new collection of Connectors that help tie together yet more data that may be hiding in previously inaccessible corners of an enterprise's systems.

Among the new Connectors is one for Salesforce which allows the Google Search Applicance to search any data in the CRM. As Salesforce is a big thing in many organizations, making that data available to users and help them find client information that may be stored in databases, spreadsheets and other resources.

Additionally, improvements have been made in the existing connectors for content management systems, including SharePoint, Documentum, FileNet. Notably, the SharePoint connector adds 64-bit Windows support, batch authorization and multiple site collection.