Vignette Gets Industry Recognition for products
The gang over at Vignette has been doing some celebrating this week picking up two different industry awards for two of their products proving they may actually know a little something about saving an organization a lot of money and delivering outstanding web experiences in this Web 2.0 world.

Award for ROI

The first award actually went to one of their customers, NASA, for implementing the Vignette Portaland giving the space agency a 2253% ROI over three years. This 2008 Technology ROI Award was given by Nucleus Research to NASA for developing a portal that caters to both employees and the general public. Now you really have to ask the question don't you? What the heck were these guys doing to reduce costs enough to get an ROI like that? It's not that we don't think Vignette Portal can providesavings and cost reductions, but this seems a bit over the top.

Award for Web 2.0 Innovation

The second award went to Vignette directly from Incisive Media at the Web 2.0 Innovation Awards in London. The award for Best New Web 2.0 Technology was for Vignette Recommendations. Released in February, Vignette Recommendations allows organizations to deliver more targeted Web experiences by using content and product recommendations and social search tailored to a visitors intent rather than past history.

Vignette's Web Experience Platform

We talked a lot this year about Vignette's Web Experience Platform. For awhile there it seemed like Vignette was announcing a new component in the platform every month. We thought it might be a good time to give you a little summary of the pieces.* Vignette Recommendations - announced in February* High-Performance Delivery (HPD) software - announced in April delivers a unique caching technology that automatically tracks dependencies on publishing events or site changes and immediately updates the Web site cache when those changes occur.* Vignette Rich Media Services and Video Services - announced in June Vignette Rich Media Services has been updated to include a video module that integrates with Vignette Content Management, letting organizations manage the workflow and publishing of video and all other Web content from one interface and Vignette Video Services is a hosted video management solution that provides capabilities to upload, transcode, manage and deliver video.* Two Community Product Lines - Have all the required capabilities of any community solution (ratings, reviews, tagging, forums, tag clouds and much more).The Vignette Web Experience Platform definitely offers a lot of solid Web 2.0 services and getting awards goes along way to helping Vignette market these services. They have definitely stepped up their game in a fashion similar to EMC and IBM.