Alfresco Offers Migration Services For Its Enterprise CMS

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Alfresco (news, site) partners with EntropySoft to make it easier for new customers to migrate their data using ETL to its own open source ECM products.

Migration Without the Conversion Headaches

Moving from one system to another is often rejected in change-fearing businesses due to the cost or complexity of data migration. Alfresco now offers a method that may tempt more enterprises to move from products like SharePoint or Documentum to its own open source ECM solution.

Using Extract Transform and Load (ETL) software developed by EntropySoft, a company can see its data, including content and metadata, moved from one format to Alfresco's allowing it to move swiftly and with less of the hassle that data conversion often brings. 

EntropySoft offers a large number of content connectors that allow you to move content from a number of enterprise content management systems into other systems, Alfresco is just one of them. In addition, all connectors were supposed to be CMIS compliant by the end of April when the standard was officially ratified.

Learning Opportunities

Packaged Migration Service

The service is offered as a "Packaged Migration Service" by various Alfresco partners around the world. The package is designed to help reduce the initial cost of migration and, with Alfresco's open-source model, it should make for reduced running and upgrade costs in the future -- one of the reasons why enterprises are looking to switch ECM products.

A brief video highlights some of the migration features, which can be handled on-premises or in the cloud.

Alfresco recently released Version 3.3 of its Enterprise ECM with improved integration and editing tools. A 30-day free trial is available from Alfresco. Conversion from other rival systems is expected to be announced in the near future. Pricing is likely to be based on data volumes and client needs.