Alfresco and WeWebU announced a global technology partnership that will result in an Open Source alternative for transactional content management. 

WeWebU OpenWorkdesk on Alfresco

WeWebU's OpenWorkdesk suite has been integrated into Alfresco's platform using content management interoperability services (CMIS).

Since you're probably already familiar with Alfresco, here's a quick breakdown of WeWebU, according to the official site:

WeWebU OpenWorkdesk is an application suite for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with an intuitive Web 2.0 front-end. 

WeWebU OpenWorkdesk can be accessed via any modern internet browser, which means that it is not necessary to install content management applications on any respective client PC. Through a variety of ways, its standard functionality can be configured easily according to each individual's needs.

Better Together

The partnership makes sense for a couple of reasons. For starters, earlier this year Alfresco highlighted OpenWorkdesk's use of the Alfresco platform by naming it its EMEA Solution of the Year. John Newton, CTO if Alfresco, noted the solution's knack for helping them to achieve their more ambitious growth targets, claiming the suite of applications to be "a perfect fit for the Alfresco platform" and the community at large.

"On the technical side both companies are dedicated to CMIS, while on the commercial side they share the commitment to the open source model," added Stefan Waldhauser, CEO at WeWebU. "Combining WeWebU OpenWorkdesk with the Alfresco platform provides a very cost-efficient but nevertheless fully professional way of providing transactional content management applications for medium-size and large organizations from the financial industry as well as for the public sector. Our partnership solves the contradiction between user-friendly ECM-applications and limited IT budgets." 

Learning Opportunities

Further, both teams are making it part of their M.O. to further develop the CMIS standard as active members of the OASIS CMIS Technical Committee. 

Open Source Love Everywhere

In general, Alfreso has been big on the partnering lately. With Ephesoft, document capture, enterprise content management, CMIS and open source were all brought together for intelligent PDF capture and search and workflow development. And another recent alliance with TEMIS allows semantic metadata to be extracted from content stored in Alfresco.

If you're in Stuttgart between September 20 and 22, you can check out WeWebU's demo of OpenWorkdesk on Alfresco ECM in live demos at the DMS Expo. Just head over to booth D36 in hall 7.