Along with the pleasure of growth comes the familiar pain of multilingual translation. Translation, a process that seems simple enough, actually requires great skill - not all subcultures or age groups communicate in the same way. Then there's the matter of localization, or better tailoring a product to a certain market, which is also an oft-overlooked element of interpretation. The point: translation is complex. With that in mind, Language Weaver and Armedia have jointly released Machine Language Translation for the enterprise CMS community. The tool translates your text into the language(s) of choice via EMC Documentum, a strong and scalable CMS that Armedia has been fortunate enough to work closely with. And the Armedia/Language Weaver partnership has sought to make the process of exchanging one language for another as fluid as human translation (without the anal-retentive human translator). Complete content conversions are completed within minutes, across any of Documentum's online interfaces. But the two companies don't expect to stop at Documentum's door. Armedia plans on tapping a string of other, and older, content management relationships in order to push this technology. These include SharePoint and FileNet, as well as mainstream open source solutions like Joomla and Alfresco. Possibilities of integration are available across these channels (though it isn't clear whether the company will be meeting users halfway or whether users can work said possibilities out on their own), and available languages include the 37 language pairs supported by Language Weaver. If you're feeling iffy about it, it bears mentioning that Armenia won a contract to implement the solution for the Defense Intelligence Agency. Would Defense Intelligence utilize a sub-par tool for its intercontinental needs? Actually, don't answer that.