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Web Content Management vendor Ektron, Inc. has taken aim at web content localization. The latest updates to their CMS 300 and CMS 400 .NET products include powerful new tools and support for translation, localization and the workflow needed to accomplish both.Ektron’s CMS products support the complete translation and localization process by creating a tight integration between a Website’s native-language content and translated content within one content management solution (CMS)."More and more companies are globalizing their Web site as a way to market to and support foreign markets.Managing and organizing this multi-lingual content is a process that can get out of control quickly, however the Ektron product provides the tools necessary for managing these workflows, and at a cost that companies can afford," says Gary Prioste, CEO of Localize Technologies.The Ekton technologies facilitate content localization in several ways:
  • Tight integration between a site’s native-language content and translated content. The Workflow Suite enables translators to be assigned a task and access HTML content via the Web to conduct translations. Managers can monitor real-time progress. Each language version can have a different workflow and approval chain.
  • Built-in support of XLIFF, an XML-based standard for content localization.Content experts can create content, transform it into an XLIFF file, send it out for translation, and receive back a translated file that can be uploaded, managed and published using Ektron's CMS.
  • Ektron includes a machine translation tool that offers organizations to take advantage of "on-the-fly" translations that support their basic multilingual needs or to get a head start on their translation and localization projects.
  • The ability to create and manage additional aspects of a multilingual Web site including language-specific metadata, content collections, search functionality, list summaries, navigation elements, multilingual forms - unique for every language presented on a site.

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