ARMO Document Management System
ARMO solutions, a young company dedicated to providing enterprise consulting, recently announced an eDiscovery Business Intelligence Document Management System and managed to catch the attention of global trading partners through secured funding. Go ARMO! Claiming their product will combine the cutting edge of Business Intelligence and the convenience that comes with having a document management system, ARMO’s new solution will feature the following: * Organize all the data with respect to concept hierarchy and easy to access * Generate accurate picture of processed files, non-processed files, exceptions, duplicate files * Filtering of files * Collect and store all data via secure method * Remove all the duplicate data and filter out unwanted files * Analyze data and estimate the cost with regards to data volume & no. of pages in the data * Convert the data into images or store them in their native file format * Move evaluated data to production use by converting them to TIFF and PDF types * Conversion to Native Production, Database Production and Production types * Creation of concept folders and storing the data in them with respect to data concepts As per usual for business document management systems, the perks of ARMO’s solutions consist of a simplified workflow, efficiency, and making enterprise collaboration and compliance easier. Their Web site also touches on the benefits of using eDiscovery throughout -- something we at CMSWire highly appreciate and love to wrap our electronic arms around. Expected to be available shortly, ARMO eDiscovery is going to target small and mid-sized companies that already use Business Intelligence such as pharmacies, law offices and doctors' offices. The solution is reported to have two components, the server and the client. The client consists of an easy to use Web interface, accessible from updated versions of Firefox, Safari and my personal favorite, IE (I got jokes, kids). Additionally, for all you visual learners out there, what would a cool, rising company’s product description be without an illustration? Boring! So here’s a little something from ARMO’s Web site intended to depict exactly how their agent fits into the Intranet environment:
ARMO eDiscovery Intranet Environment.jpg

ARMO eDiscovery Client

ARMO's cherry on top is that Global Trading Partners, an England and Wales registered company, has got some faith in the eDiscovery client, as they recently expressed interest providing funding to help along with the development. Elspeth Macarthur, Head Business Development says, "We also believe that due to the Business Intelligence expertise that ARMO and its partners have displayed during their discussions with us, and upon reviewing their development plans and phased development approaches, they are on the road to developing a successful product. Our company is interested in providing venture capital funding that should cover a large part of human and infrastructure resource funding for one year." Sounds pretty promising, right? Check out their site at for more details and information.