Ascentium,Enterprise Search,Search Community Toolkit
Ascentium Corporation, an interactive marketing and technology consultancy, has announced the release of two new search tools for the Microsoft Enterprise Search platform: Search Center Branding Removal and ASP.NET Search Controls. These tools are part of a larger Search Community Toolkit on CodePlex, the Microsoft open source project hosting web site. Ascentium, a Microsoft Search Server 2008 partner, worked closely with the Microsoft product team to create easy-to-use tools meant to enable the global search community to build tailored search solutions faster. By posting the new tools on CodePlex, they are making them immediately available to a global community of specialists and those seeking to learn more about how to maximize their use of Microsoft enterprise search platform. The Search Tool Community kit is a collection of specialized search aids and best practices promoted by the Microsoft product team in cooperation with Ascentium and other thought leaders in various worldwide search technologies. They were developed and published by the Ascentium U.K. team led by Tony Sloggett, the director at Ascentium and founder of the CMS.RAPID global community and RAPID for SharePoint Products and Technologies respectively. “Fundamentally, Ascentium believes in delivering rich Web-based experiences that help our customers grow their businesses,” said Tony Sloggett. “The Search Community Toolkit will hopefully help facilitate that on a massive scale. Our two Search Community Toolkit contributions represent our continued commitment to help quickly drive broad technology adoption and encourage the sharing of best practices among a very dedicated and fast growing SharePoint Server 2007 community.” These handy search tools are likely to continue the time honored tradition of the developer community advancing successful Microsoft-powered solutions and will assist developers in quickly tailoring intuitive search interfaces. ASP.NET Search Controls will allow for quick search enablement capabilities for any .NET application that interfaces with Search Server 2008 and/or Office SharePoint Server 2007. Ultimately, the Ascentium-sponsored search tools and other components of the Search Community Toolkit will help teams save time creating high-quality search interfaces and will increase the quality of search experiences and results. The Search Community Toolkit is published on CodePlex and the Search Center Branding Removal tool is available at codeplex and ASP.NET. Visit Ascentium for more details.