CMS.RAPID is a free of charge solution accelerator for Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 (MCMS) and is a product of collaboration between Microsoft UK, Artemis Corporation and 30 RAPID partners, all Microsoft portal specialists, from all over the World.RAPID Partners working on projects such as,, and have made contributions to CMS.RAPID and these sites are currently running a version of CMS.RAPID 1.3. CMS.RAPID 1.3 had added a number of new features on top of CMS.RAPID 1.2 (launched in November 2005) although mostly the changes are fixes targeting both the performance and reliability of the product. The new features in CMS.RAPID 1.3 improve the degree of control and flexibility which developers have over their applications, and improve the return on investment in MCMS. In particular, the new extended Taxonomy feature will help users comply with the requirements of Local and Central Government Portals. CMS.RAPID 1.3 may be the one of the last few major revisions of the product: Artemis Corporation is currently working on a major revision which will be based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Code named RAPID Apollo, the new product will be focused on web content management and compliance. More will be announced in the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 timeframe. CMS.RAPID has been downloaded approximately 2500 times since first being introduced in March 2005. The product is in use in over 80 Countries from all over the World. There are over 30 RAPID Partners located in The Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific. New CMS.RAPID features include: * Support for multiple Taxonomies * New Attachment Placeholder Site settings set through querystring * Ability to add Web Based Console actions through configuration * New Posting/Page level cache setting * Authoring Preview added during edit (optional) * Mandatory fields for CMS users first time sign in * Channel Placeholder - Common information at a channel level * Multiple base inheritance * New Links Placeholder * New Rapid Metadata Placeholder * New Image/Banner ad rotation control * Optional inclusion in A to Z Extra * Xslthelper functions * New Pages in path control * Revert to a previous version Additional information: