ASG's BSM Gets a BSP
ASG Software Solutions, a content management and business service management (BSM) solutions provider, announced new developments in its integrated content management suite. The new addition to ASG's business service platform (BSP) will continue to work towards providing a comprehensive platform for an organization's entire content infrastructure and enterprise archiving.ASG's content-oriented BSP offering includes platforms for both content management and Mobius Management Systems, Inc., which ASG acquired in June 2007.

ASG's Content-Centric Apps

Combining the best of portal technology, reporting, analytics, output, document, enterprise archiving and records management, the content-focused solutions of ASG's BSP aims to provide fast and easy flow of verifiable, business-critical information throughout an enterprise. By dynamically linking content-centric business services to the underlying IT infrastructure, business service management solutions are enabled, connecting various mission-critical processes. Such a business service management project might include claims processing, HR processes, loan approval, compliance initiatives and e-statement delivery. In this scenario, it is mandatory to connect business and IT processes, and ASG notes that they approached the solution that uniquely accommodates the "sheer volume and complexity of information in today's enterprises".


Compared to enterprise CMSs, which tend to focus on managing content related to organizational process, the business service management monitors an organization's information from a business perspective. ASG's platforms allow customers "easy access to organized, relevant information at every level of the enterprise".

Where to See the Platform in Action

To learn more about the BSP solutions, you can stop by the following events and visit ASG vendor exhibits: * DMS Expo (Cologne, Germany, September 9 -- 11), * Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit (London, UK, September 10 -- 11), * Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit (Los Angeles, CA, September 17 -- 19). You can also visit them online at