Mark your September calendars! Gartner will present its 2008 summit on Portals, Content and Collaboration September, 17 - 19, in Los Angeles, CA. Gartner’s events are always fun due to their reputation as a well-known technology research and advisory firm and this sure looks like an event worth attending. With a focus on innovation, Gartner will hold its first ever Innovation Panel, in which the CEOs of open innovation network organizations will share their insights on innovation. They will coach us on how to look for and find innovation and, most importantly, on how to protect innovative ideas.

Who You Will Meet

* Michael B. Johnson, Innovation and Collaboration Software Chief at Pixar. If you think finding the little cutie fish named Nemo was full of drama, think about how hard it is to find and retain innovation. Johnson -- with his experience from Pixar, IBM and MIT's Media Lab -- is sure to be an interesting speaker.

Johnson will take part in the “Building Tools, Telling Stories, Making Movies at Pixar Studios” keynote, discussing the criticality of picking stories by allowing pitches and passion to drive the sense of excitement among your employees. He will also cover such topics as using video tools to punctuate innovation emergence. * Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia and Editor-in-Chief of Citizendium, will speak at a keynote session entitled “A New Vision for Online Knowledge Communities: Collaborative Governance.” Sanger will talk about the opportunity of Web 2.0 to combine the collaborative creative energy of millions of contributors with high quality and high relevance. * John Seely Brown, USC scholar and independent co-chairman for Deloitte Center for Edge Innovation, will participate in a keynote session “Minds on Fire: The Shift in Learning to Develop a Competent and Capable Workforce.” This, of course, is just a little snapshot of many interesting people you will get a chance to meet at the event.

Summit at a Glance

* Four tracks (Innovate, Consolidate, Advance, Motivate) * More than 40 sessions * New research from Gartner analysts * Case study presentations * Technology vendor sessions * Pre-conference tutorials * Analyst-user roundtables

Hot Topics

* Emerging collaboration trends: exploiting social software * Enterprise Content Management * Web communities * Information governance * Changing roles for effective leaders * Portals, content and collaboration project management * Web conferencing * E-mail management

Back by Popular Demand

* Sharepoint: Everything You Need To Know * Portal of the Future: What's Beyond Web 2.0? * Enterprise 2.0: The Business Side of Web 2.0 * You Ain't Got No Alibi: Good User Interface Drives User Adoption * Bring Facebook, Wikipedia and in-house: Better Insight with Enterprise Social Software * Creating a High Performance Workplace - 5 New Roles Registration is still open. The complete agenda is available here.