Automated Document Capture for FileBound Document Manageme
PSIGEN's (news, site) FileBound Lookup Provider offers improved ways to explore content and manage documents within FileBound repositories. 

In the Copy Business

PSIGEN is in the copying business, taking documents from paper into the digital space, managing the resulting data and helping enterprises keep costs down in the bargain. Last month, the company launched the SharePoint Lookup Provider, a product to link into SharePoint repositories.

Now, the company is launching FileBound Lookup Provider, a sequel of sorts, which ties into FileBound data sets, which are what exactly? FileBound is a document management system from Marex Group that accepts data, such as invoices, letters and other matter from multiple sources and makes it available as text or spreadsheet for the enterprise to gorge on and produce analysis, bills and whatever else it requires.

Don't Be Bound to Your Files

FileBound offers its service as hosted, in-house solution or even a network appliance. PSIGEN will tie into any of these and helps by automating the process of capture when scanning. Its capture and archive solutions offer companies an efficient, automated way to scan, capture, process and store documents.

FileBound Lookup Provider provides ways to improve a company's business processes that involve working with the dreaded paper document, and help to reduce the cost of processing and handling documents.

While the SharePoint release from PSIGEN makes lots of sense, as SharePoint doesn't exactly have a massive capture presence, offering one for FileBound seems rather more mundane and you start to wonder why FileBound doesn't have all of these features already.

But, in a world where partnerships, tie-ins and collaborations are increasingly taking over from the idea of a single-product system, perhaps this is just part of the inevitable evolution of the data center.