Enterprise infrastructure software purveyor and valiant digital copyright protector Autonomy has announced the availability of new advanced features for its Pan-Enterprise Search platform, IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer). These features include drag and drop personalization, video indexing, and intent-based ranking among other new additions. Autonomy, founded in 1996, is a leader in meaning-based computing, which enables computers to understand the relationships that exist between disparate pieces of information and perform sophisticated analysis operations in real time. This technology proves especially useful in advanced enterprise search and knowledge management. New features of their IDOL platform include: * Drag and Drop Personalization - lets users personalize their information delivery by dragging content of interest into a custom box * Geo-Cluster Maps - IDOL has enhanced its support for geo-efficiency by providing visualization tools to represent document density per location, allowing the administrator to quickly assess usage patterns and make informed decisions about load balancing * Intent-Based Ranking - determines a user's intent when querying, delivering highly targeted results based on the individual's profile and contextual factors * Multi-Dimensional Index & Query Throttling - By using a multi-dimensional index to provide information to the distribution components, IDOL helps preclude bottlenecks and unbalanced peak loads during the indexing and query process * Quantum Clustering - Using quantum mathematics to calculate states/concepts within data, conceptual information is more easily and accurately identified. As cool as it is, IDOL seems almost too intelligent for its own good, and it doesn't help that the acronym reminds us of HAL 9000 (Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic Computer). Today, computers are figuring out the "meaning" behind our searches; tomorrow they'll be piloting our spaceships and controlling our life support systems while we travel through interstellar space in suspended animation -- but I digress. Hit up the Autonomy website for more information.