Autonomy (news, site) has released a new  tool to further enhance their established cloud-based and on-premise archiving solutions.

The company says that with the new Arcpliance, businesses will be able to archive all data types—including e-mail, audio, applications, and SharePoint files—without the need for significant hardware, software, and IT personnel resources.

Autonomy Power

Autonomy’s archiving solutions are all about automation and the extraction of metadata from files, and it looks like they're playing off of each other in order to make Arcpliance something to talk about.

While their Intelligent Digital Operating Layer (IDOL) automatically "understands" how to manage each piece of content, Arcpliance works to archive it without the headache. Developed as a response to shortcomings in Storage Area Networks, Arcpliance utilizes Autonomy's special split-cell architecture. The grid-based design is reportedly "infinitely scalable" and also combines the power of Autonomy's Digital Safe, making the tool enterprise friendly.

Autonomy Aim

Aimed at firms in desperate need of an organization fairy or two, Autonomy says their new tool will help companies to achieve compliance requirements as well as reduce the time associated with backups, administration, software upgrades and technical reports.

"With over a decade of experience in tackling some of the world's most complex archiving challenges, there is not a scenario, data type, or business case that we have not successfully covered," said Mike Sullivan, CEO of Autonomy ZANTAZ. "With Autonomy Arcpliance, Autonomy is delivering this world-class technology and expertise in an easy to install, turn-key appliance. We see a significant market that is ready to 'turn on' Autonomy archiving with the Arcpliance box."

Pricing has not been confirmed, but interested parties can request more information here