Autonomy's New eDiscovery Appliance Includes Early Case Assessment

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More releases from Autonomy (news, site)  this time an appliance that will facilitate eDiscovery with early case assessment and legal hold and a new solution specifically for the law profession that will automatically tell users when there is a conflict of interest in cases.

eDiscovery in a Box

Autonomy is now offering their eDiscovery solution in a new eDiscovery Appliance. The solution is, as is the case with all Autonomy solutions, powered by IDOL and is scalable across any enterprise.

The two principal features that Autonomy is pushing are early case assessment and legal hold, both of them huge cost and time savers when applied to the eDiscovery process from the start.

Key to both features is the time-honored tradition of “watching your back”. In this case companies in highly regulated environments whose failure to meet compliance and legal obligations can result in staggering fines, or whose failure to apply adequate legal hold standards could have the companies looking for legal representation themselves.

Autonomy, with its eDiscovery appliance, gives legal departments and corporations the ability to perform FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure -- rules that specify procedures for civil legal suits within US federal courts) searches quickly and thoroughly.

Manually, these searches are massively expensive and usually not to the level required for most courts. Autonomy eDiscovery Appliance automates this process by enabling users run their data through the appliance, obtain a comprehensive and precise understanding of their case.

Features include:

  • FRCP-complaint search capabilities
  • Analysis of information in the place it is stored before pulling it up
  • Provides universal view of all case related data
  • Analysis of more than 1000 file types natively
  • Scalable to petabytes of information
  • Extensive analyticsof processes

Editor's Note: Also announced today is Autonomy DSMail, a new email archiving and management solution.

Learning Opportunities

Identifying Conflicts Of Interest

In the litigious climate that we live in, it is not really necessary to say how important it is to avoid legal conflicts of interests. iManageConflicts Manager sees patterns in the information that is ingested into the system, identifies where there may be conflicting interests and notifies the user.

You might think that this is exactly what legal professional should be doing themselves. But in this case, think global, think the amount of information stored at numerous locations across an enterprise and think how difficult it is to match that information with other enterprise information.

In this respect, iManage ConflictsManager has no limits to the number of data sources it can search -- unlike manual searches --and also dramatically reduces the number of manual searches that have to be carried out in the first place.

iManage ConflictsManager Features

The new iManage ConflictsManager examines the inter-relationships of data and also offers:

  • Real-time search
  • Conceptual understanding for conflict detection
  • Flexible conflicts database to maintain historical information
  • Web-based reporting interface
  • Fast processing of conflict metadata
  • Seamless integration with iManage software for records and workflow management

Two more products that have only just been released, you can get more informationhere.