Amongst the many releases from Autonomy (news, site) this week is a consolidated email management and archiving solution that will cover all the email requirements of small and large enterprises in terms of management, eDiscovery and governance.

Low Maintenance Email Archiving

It’s not really surprising that the company should have introduced this new email archiving solution now given the importance of archiving and effective email management to the eDiscovery process.

In fact Autonomy has been recognized for its leadership in the areas of search and discovery solutions.

DSMail -- email archiving and management, provides users with archiving and email management software that gives them the option of deploying an entire email platform without having to invest heavily in hardware or software. To make it even better, organizations can set their own user access policy, which includes self-service.

With this solution, Autonomy says, it will even be possible to deploy without an IT department, giving companies the flexibility to deploy a system that is big enough -- or small enough -- for their particular situation. No more forcing big systems into small holes, Autonomy says.

IDOL-Based Archiving Solutions

Autonomy's archiving solutions are based on its Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) technology. IDOL understands any form of unstructured information, whether text, voice or video, and based on that understanding performs automatic operations on the information.

These solutions can ingest, de-duplicate, index and extract metadata from most file formats -- including SharePoint content -- and manages the content in question depending on predefined rules.

The current batch of solutions includes:

  • Arcpliance, designed for the SMB market, it is a scalable solution for specific tasks such as archiving location-specific data.
  • Digital Safe, which manages a cloud archive of over 13 petabytes archiving three million data objects per hour.
  • DS Mail, an email archiving solution with end user web access, basic governance and legal hold functions.
  • DS Mail Plus, specifically designed for regulated industries it gives advanced, meaning-based functions for monitoring, proactive policy management and ingestion of additional types of content and compliance tools.
  • DS Mail Professional, a consolidated archiving and governance platform that applies search, eDiscovery, legal hold, classification and desktop collections to 400+ repositories.
  • Enterprise Archiving Solution (EAS), a scalable on-premise solution for litigation readiness, information governance and storage optimization.
  • WorkSite’s Email Management, comes with “suggestive filing” capability, allowing the computer to anticipate where the user would want to file the emails.

As well as offering a number of different archiving solutions, Autonomy says it is offers them all on-site, in the cloud or as an appliance. Given the economic climate, it’s probably a good idea for Autonomy to offer three different approaches, especially the cloud option, which is showing itself to be quite popular across the market.

Learn more about Autonomy's comprehensive archiving product line.