Did you know: Businesses around the world create more than 7.5 billion documents and that 35% of these documents contain legally sensitive information? Thought so.

In most work environments and organizations, IS departments try to provide a shared place for users to store and interact with files. In a perfect world, every business critical document or file would be located on a centralized file share in a "safe and sound" environment such as a data center. This is a best practice because this critical (and sometimes sensitive) data is kept on redundant servers and is backed up.

However, how do content managers begin when thinking about how to manage unmanaged documents? That is, how does an organization try to handle all the documents and business files located on users' hard drives and shared folders throughout the network?

An upcoming AIIM webinar will aim to steer you and your organization in the right direction with regards to governing unmanaged data and files.

The webinar is on February 25th from 2:00-3:00PM EST and costs nothing to attend. It is hosted by Mark Diamond of Contoural.

Go to their website to register.