CA, an independent IT management company, has got our backs during this economic crunch. Recently, they released a new Information Governance Suite with an array of new Enterprise IT Management and Governance solutions, each designed to help organizations improve the economics of IT and provide greater business value.The solutions specifically address the management challenges intensified by today's economy, and they claim that the customers of the solutions -- which all easily integrate into numerous CA products -- can better adapt to change, capitalize on new opportunities and achieve greater business alignment in controlling costs.

EITM and Governance Solutions

Data Center Automation

New CA Data Center Automation Manager r11.2 is a breakthrough solution for managing both physical and virtualized data center resources and systems. It improves the speed of service delivery, supports application configuration and availability, optimizes the value of virtualization and supports Green IT initiatives.

Infrastructure Management

CA NSM r11.2 provides comprehensive service availability management through an integrated view of events and alerts across physical, virtualized and clustered systems, whether distributed or mainframe The newest version of CA Network Management is a fully integrated solution for seamless network performance, service, fault and configuration management. Significant enhancements to CA eHealth Network Performance Manager r6.1 (NPM) and CA SPECTRUM Network Fault Manager r9 (NFM) enable organizations to improve the efficiency of managing their network and better support business services. CA Insight Database Performance Monitor (DPM) r11.2.4 maximizes service availability by providing centralized monitoring, collection, and alerting of current and potential database issues across major database vendors on Linux, UNIX and Windows® (LUW) systems.

Application Performance Management (APM)

The CA Wily APM solution has been optimized to manage the online customer experience and the associated Web applications in large, complex and highly distributed SOA and virtualized environments. The single, integrated solution helps customers ensure that .NET and Java™ Web applications meet business, customer experience and performance goals.

Service Management

CA Software Change Manager r12 helps organizations better manage and control globally distributed software change initiatives, from change request to code release. It includes more than 200 process and functionality enhancements such as a completely new developer's interface and modern development environment. Integrated software change and build management are designed to result in higher quality applications and faster deployment cycles.

Information Governance

The latest version of the CA Information Governance suite includes the new Discovery and Retention Manager module that helps organizations to proactively retain and dispose of the right information to reduce volume, optimize discovery for greatest efficiency and relevance, and limit outside legal review costs by producing only highly relevant information. CA Records Manager, the first records management product to receive US DoD 5015.2 v3 certification, is now also the first system to receive paired certifications for Microsoft SharePoint and other leading document management systems under the new standard.

Once Again...

As we said just today and many, many times before, both document management and eDiscovery are absolutely invaluable. Booming within all organizations, regardless of their size or popularity, organizational solutions are essential to daily operations. And the faster the organizations manage to organize, the likelier they'll stay afloat. In times like these, when the economy is in the dump, we can only expect to see companies like CA continue to recognize and play on the trends that we all hope will help it resurface.