CabinetNG and ProofSpace team to secure CNG-SAFE
SMB document management superstar Cabinet NG has teamed up with ProofSpace, developers of patented timestamping and data integrity risk management technologies. ProofSpace's ProofMark digital tamper-detection technology will be embedded into Cabinet NG's document management solution, CNG-SAFE. Cabinet NG, who recently released the latest addition of their CNG-SAFE product, is a major provider of automated document management and workflow solutions for small enterprise businesses. The ProofMark technology will first be made available as an advanced authentication plug-in to CNG-SAFE, which works by consolidating all of an organization's information into one organized system. The ProofMark enhancement package is targeted at Cabinet NG's financial industry customers and will offer companies better protection for high-value documents and transaction records, and the ability to prove the authenticity of those records to regulators, auditors, clients and courts. "Although most financial advisors don't know it yet, their inability to properly authenticate documents exposes them to substantial risks," said Joel P. Bruckenstein, Publisher of Virtual Office News. “The Cabinet NG/ProofSpace partnership represents the industry's first really turnkey document authentication solution." Of all the industries served by Cabinet NG, the financial industry is the most at risk for being the target of litigation. In many cases, it can be difficult to prove a document's validity. If the integrity of a company's electronic records are called into question, things can take a turn for the worse in court. "Our clients need to be able to monitor the integrity of their electronic documents, detect unauthorized changes both inside and outside the organization, and provide proof of document authenticity to all comers. That’s something the ProofSpace system does exceedingly well and by having this capability integrated with CNG-SAFE will help any business quickly produce indisputable documents,” said Jon Clark, VP Sales of Cabinet NG. The bottom line: if you're running a company in the financial industry and don't have a reliable way to verify your electronic documents, this new service could save you a lot of heart ache. Head over to Cabinet NG for pricing and more info on this collaboration. Case closed!