Canto Cumulus 8.0.2: Digital Asset Management for All
Canto, a digital asset management solutions provider that operates out of both San Francisco and Berlin, released the second scheduled update to their Cumulus 8 product line as promised.

Canto Cumulus is a cross-platform that enables users to organize and track their digital files. Arguably the coolest part of Canto 8.0.2, the newest version, is its compatibility with Mac OS X Snow Leopard and the forthcoming Microsoft Windows 7.

Canto! Canto!

Though you might not have heard of them, Canto has been in the digital assets game since 1990. Canto Cumulus, their main attraction, has been around since last May and enables companies to organize, find, share and track their digital files no matter the format. And, as with any good platform, Canto’s network offers a grab-bag of plugins and other enhancements for those of you that need more than the stock edition.

With a reported 100 fixes and improvements offered in the new version, including compatibility with two very popular operating systems, Cumulus 8.0.2 might be just what you’re looking for. Other cool new functionality includes:

  • Scheduler/Catalog via email
  • Automatic report generation
  • Automized copy/move/delete
  • Cumulus image editor
  • Built-in watermarking and noise ssset protections
  • Enhanced file format support for HTML and RTF
  • New field type "table" for metadata

Canto also offers a handy demo video here.

“Cumulus 8.0.2 was the perfect time for us to add support for Snow Leopard and Windows 7 in a single update,” says Canto CTO Thomas Schleu. “And now that Cumulus 8 has been tuned twice since its initial release, we can turn our main development focus to taking advantage of all the new capabilities the new architecture makes possible.”

Cloudy Days

Updates are free and available all customers on active service agreements. Otherwise, if you’re new the whole Canto game, you can fill out a simple form and try it for free before you hand over your precious cash.