Any British-based businesses looking for information on enterprise content solutions will find advice and solutions in their area thanks to Aiim's (news, site) road trip.

ECM On the Road

Aiim is an industry association for the world of ECM, promoting it to businesses large and small. If your organization is within reach of Edinburgh, Bolton, Birmingham or London and is on the look out for ECM advice, then visiting Aiim's free 2010 Roadshow in June would be a day out well spent. With keynotes, roundtables and exhibitors, it packs a lot of detail into a short space of time.

Offering best practices advice on scanning, document and records management, and the latest from the world of SharePoint, the show will help those ramping up their ECM efforts to pick up the latest themes, trends and get good advice on where to go next.

What You Can Expect

The opening keynote comes from Aiim's U.K. Managing Director and discusses strategies behind information management and Enterprise 2.0. At lunch, Microsoft's Office Server Group Director, Peter King, spills the beans on what SharePoint 2010 can offer ECM with a final discussion on how to specifiy an ECM system for various sized enterprises.

Visitors can choose to attend some of the number of roundtable meetings. These include discussions on managing email and chat data, process optimisation, search and information management.

With companies including the likes of Vamosa, AvePoint, Microsoft and Fujitsu displaying their wares, there will also be plenty of technology to have a play with, to determine what your business needs and can do. Free registration is available on this page.