Clearwell Receives US Patent for Components of eDiscovery Platform

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Congratulations are in order. Clearwell Systems (news, site) has been awarded US Patent No. 7,593,995.

For those of us who are not patent examiners, US Patent No. 7,593,995 refers to “methods and systems of electronic message threading and ranking.”

According to the U.S Patent & Trademark Office, a patent was awarded for a system that:

receives e-mail messages, and determines e-mail threads in response to the e-mail messages. The system determines an e-mail rank associated with each e-mail message in the e-mail threads, where an e-mail rank associated with an e-mail message is determined in response to a sender identifier related to the e-mail message. The system also determines a thread rank for each e-mail thread, where a thread rank associated with an e-mail thread is determined in response to e-mail ranks of each e-mail message associated with each respective e-mail thread. The system then determines an ordering of the e-mail threads based on the thread rank associated with each e-mail thread.

In other words, Clearwell’s eDiscovery platform’s process for discussion threading, relevance ranking and concept clustering just got some validation.

And Clearwell’s ability to process, search, analyze, review and produce responsive electronic records for litigation, government inquiries and internal investigations is patently protected.

Learning Opportunities

Defending Search and Discovery 

As early case assessment and defensible search emerge as viable solutions, companies will be trying to wade through product after product in an effort to find the one that makes the most sense for them. But investing in a solution can be expensive as well as risky.

Clearwell gives customers an edge, in that it is one of the few vendors that provides an opportunity to test its capabilities before purchasing.

Not to mention that Clearwell claims that its platform is fully operational in less than 25 minutes and provides users with immediate visibility into case facts, significantly accelerating early case assessment

As defensible search becomes more interesting in litigation, more eDiscovery platforms will need to certify their processes for search and discovery. Clearwell didn’t waste any time. Who will be next?