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A recent report by CMS Watch finds that organizations are now considering vendor commitment to their customer base and product development paths to be more critical, due to recent shake-ups in the web analytics industry. According to CMS Watch, the following recent industry changes have had a major impact on web analytics customers: WebTrends Management Changes Recent management changes in WebTrends have customers facing uncertainty about the future of the company. Not knowing whether it will be sold or what direction the owners Francisco Partners may take, WebTrend's commitment to deeper analytics solutions is brought under question. Furthermore, licensed customers are wary of the company’s commitment to a licensed solution, versus wanting to move customers to WebTrends On Demand. Omniture Acquisition of Visual Sciences HBX Analytics customers are confused about the migration path to Omniture SiteCatalyst. Those approaching the end of their contracts aren’t quite sure whether they should transition or wait, since the deal hasn’t yet officially closed. HBX customers also aren’t sure whether they should upgrade to Visual Site or HBX Visual Workstation, since they don’t know if and how Omniture will support the products. Microsoft’s Announcement of a Beta for Gatineau Have you met project Gatineau yet? It's worth reading about. By introducing a free web analytics competitor to Google Analytics, Microsoft is offering customers a valuable new option. They will be able to use “anonymized” demographic data from site visitors who have signed up for a Live ID through Microsoft’s Hotmail or Messenger, but this will need to be clearly described in the privacy policies of websites using Gatineau, to avoid possible site visitor concerns. CMS Watch founder Tony Byrne stressed the importance of Web managers and marketers being aware of the larger marketplace environment and its potential impact on their web analytics solutions investment. “It is absolutely necessary to stay current with your vendor’s business strategy,” he emphasizes. The Web Analytics Report provides of comprehensive overview of Web Analytics solution providers and best practices. Visit CMS Watch to purchase a copy of the report.