If the dream for your installation of IBM FileNet P8 4.0 is that users have the ability to recover content and metadata at an even more granular level, and honestly who doesn't have that dream, then prepare for CYA Technologies to make your millennium.CYA Technologies, provider of the aforementioned granular recovery solutions for enterprise content management systems, announces the availability of CYA SmartRecovery 3.0. This newly updated version provides hot backup and granular recovery of content and metadata for users of IBM FileNet P8 4.0. CYA claims that the product protects FileNet P8 customers against more than 80% of all information loss incidents. CYA SmartRecovery 3.0, an update to last year's SmartRecovery 2.0, is capable of restoring thousands of lost or corrupt objects back into the P8 repository in their original state without any application downtime, and with minimal IT resources. By performing hot, synchronous backups that preserve the relationships between content and its associated metadata (audit trails, digital signatures, renditions, etc.), CYA SmartRecovery lets IBM FileNet P8 users sleep soundly at night, knowing that the integrity of their repository information is safe and sound. Organizations also benefit from improved compliance capabilities with initiatives and litigation processes that require the preservation and authenticity of information -- think Sarbanes-Oxley and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure eDiscovery Rules Amendment. Features of CYA SmartRecovery 3.0 for IBM FileNet P8 4.0 include: * Data Integrity Module: Lets administrators perform preventative repository maintenance. * Automatic Record Purge: Facilitates compliance with global records retention policies by triggering automatic, permanent deletion of records from CYA Capture Sets after a specified retention period. * Time-based Recovery: Lets organizations perform hot backups using traditional disaster recovery solutions without jeopardizing the synchronicity of content and metadata. * Web-based Central Management Console: Allows all CYA SmartRecovery operations including granular recovery, job monitoring, and job scheduling to be managed from any location. Dave Russell, Vice President of Storage Technologies and Strategies at Gartner, had this to say:
“Customers are looking for solutions that offer granular recovery of specific objects and not just an entire system, as this is the most likely restore scenario,... Solutions that offer granular recovery and also allow for integrated integrity verification so that administrators know ahead of time that their data is recoverable should be well received in the marketplace.”
If your organization is concerned about employee malfeasance or human error, we first recommend an improved screening process and a typing class. If that doesn't help, then take a look at CYA Technologies' latest data recovery solution. Visit CYA for more information on CYA SmartRecovery for IBM FileNet P8.