Scene7 of Navato California has just announced their Digital Asset Management product for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 2003. They describe the product as a cost-effective digital asset management (DAM) solution for small/medium businesses to enterprise corporations using Microsoft Office 2003 Editions. Features and additional info follow. From the press release: Scene7 for SharePoint Portal Server 2003 extends Microsoft Office 2003 Edition’s collaborative experience with brand management and image automation. The resulting DAM solution allows corporations to maintain revision control for a single high-quality image asset, create derivatives on demand, and deliver consistent branding for the Web, print, wireless and Microsoft Office 2003 applications. By combining Scene7’s Infinite Imaging™ Platform with SharePoint Products and Technologies, enterprises can utilize a single, browser-based IT platform to manage all of their documents and images. Scene7 for SharePoint Portal Server 2003 allows information workers and remote business partners to locate, modify, collaborate, manage and deploy corporate approved media assets directly from within the Microsoft Office environment. Features: File Format Support – Scene7 for SharePoint Portal Server 2003 goes beyond SharePoint Portal Server 2003’s standard picture library to provide previews of CMYK images, vector images, and layered Photoshop® files along with related metadata. Reads and writes popular file formats for Web, print and wireless use including BMP, WBMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PCT, TIFF, PDF, TGA, Adobe Illustrator® and Photoshop PSD or EPS files with accurate ICC color profiles. Workflow & Collaboration – Ensure that the most current, approved brand asset is being used by taking advantage of SharePoint Portal Server 2003’s routing and approval process, version control and check-in/check-out system. Search & Browse – Search directly from a Microsoft Office 2003 Editions application or within SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services sites. Regardless of original file format, view a thumbnail preview or zoom in for detailed inspection. Information workers can browse a hierarchical view of all the available document and picture libraries from a single Web part. Metadata Support – Ingest metadata automatically when images are uploaded into the system. View image properties, IPTC and EXIF industry standard information. Information workers can update these fields, store the information in SharePoint, and write it back to the original files for future use. Image Transformations – Provide comprehensive image editing for image creation, modification, and delivery. Transform your images using corporate guidelines or provide the flexibility to select the file format, size, and resolution before downloading. Batch Processing – Any modification that needs to be made to a single image can be applied to an unlimited number of images. Administration controls allow you to view current job items, their status, and cancellation. In addition, the results can be returned back into SharePoint Portal Server 2003, sent to a FTP site and via email with a link to the originals or even as a compressed ZIP file. Microsoft Office 2003 Editions Support – Preview individual pages of Microsoft Office Word® 2003 and Microsoft Office Excel® 2003 documents or full Microsoft Office PowerPoint® 2003 presentations to guarantee that you find the exact asset that you are looking for. This helps to reduce time and bandwidth with unnecessary downloads and enables information workers to access individual slides to add to a presentation. Read more.