Are you familiar with the IBM Express line of products? IBM has officially launched their latest SME product and marketing initiative. The Express line of products and services are targeted specifically at the middle market. DB2 Content Manager Express is one of the ten or so products in the current Express lineup. Here's a quick overview of the the latest rev of Content Manager.DB2 Content Manager Express Edition V8.2 combines robust content management capabilities with simplicity in packaging and installation. Content Manager Express offers:
    Easy access to all forms of content - Out-of-the-box clients allow access from Web or Windows™ business applications, and provide a simple-to-understand, intuitive interface to content. Simplified, streamlined installation - Spend more time using Content Manager Express and less time installing it, delivering faster payback and benefits. Robust functionality to meet evolving business needs - With the same base functionality and API set as the enterprise Content Manager V8.2, organizations can start small and grow, protecting their investment in Content Manager Express. An open solution with competitive price/performance - Support for industry standards and integration with IBM middleware delivers an easy-to-integrate solution with industry leading function.
Overview DB2® Content Manager Express Edition, V8.2 is based on the success of DB2 Content Manager, V8.2. DB2 Content Manager Express delivers an affordable and comprehensive content management solution for growing businesses. It offers simplicity in packaging, installation, and enablement at a price suited to smaller organizations. Content Manager Express handles the management, sharing, and delivery of digitized content. With extensive search functions, document routing, and document management capabilities, content such as scanned images, office documents, and other content can be off-loaded from individual workstations and stored and managed in a central, secure repository. With Content Manager Express, organizations can cost-effectively capture, manage, and protect many forms of business-critical content across diverse applications and business processes. By including the prerequisite software, organizations can achieve a lower cost of ownership and faster ROI on all of their information assets. More on DB2 Content Manager Express. More on IBM Express products.