DocsCorp CompareDocs Helps Compliance
Feels like we talk a lot about compliance concerns for organizations these days. And the fact is that we do because it has become such a huge regulatory concern that can cost millions of dollars if not carefully managed. DocsCorp has released an upgrade to its document comparison software pdfDocs compareDocs that they believe goes even further in supporting their clients in their compliance needs. pdfDocs compareDocs 3.1 is the newest version of the document comparison software. It's a solution that enables you to compare documents of any type -- Word to Word, Word to PDF and so on. The software integrates with MS Office, including Outlook and document management systems like Interwoven and Open Text. This is document comparison technology. It puts two documents side by side and spits out the differences between the two into either a Word or PDF document. This latest version of compareDocs also works with the Microsoft docx format which is something very few solution providers have gotten to. It's difficult to understand what exactly has changed with this new release. Other than the support of the new Microsoft formats for Office 2007, we don't see much difference from when we looked at the product back in October of last year. You can have a look for yourself by reviewing their product sheet or visiting their website. And if you are feeling really excited, you may want to attend their upcoming webinar September 5 and see what the latest version really does.