DocuLex Adds Content Control and Compliance
Building upon Archive Studio, DocuLex has added content control and compliance enhancements to WebSearch, a component of their SaaS-based content management product.

WebSearch adds elements of  HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. And whenever we see Sarbanes-Oxley don't we immediately breathe a sigh of relief that legislation exists to serve as such an effective deterrent to major corporate and accounting misdeeds?

The Archive Studio WebSearch component saves all email on an organization's server. The email content, complete with body and all attachments are organized and archived for efficient retrieval. This scheme effectively palliates information loss and related security risks in real-time.

By providing complete data retention throughout every email's lifecycle, separate and unaffected by deletions at the PC level, the WebSearch component assists in compliance with numerous regulations including HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Several additional features for the DocuLex Archive Studio's WebSearch content management software component include:

  • Integration: Integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • SharePortal: Securely share content without user logins
  • Auto Notification: Available for assignment to files and folders
  • Records Retention: Automated classifying of records to a particular series
  • Browser-based file indexing: Adds documents via MFP, FAX or electronically generated files

A welcome addition of features for users of  Archive Studio. There exists a veritable swarm of competition in the area of paper document input, conversion, tagging and storage. The daily barrage of press releases by Electronic Document Management providers is an illustration of how competition can affect improvements in software suite quality.

As companies race to add features which increase the usefulness and viability of their offerings, the end user benefits.