DocuLex Releases SaaS-Based Solution for Remote DMS
DocuLex announced the release of its Archive Studio software as a service (SaaS), a web-based content management product providing remote document access, permissions, printing and distribution. The service enables secure document warehousing and sharing for practical knowledge management and collaboration."The service was created for organizations with limited IT resources and a need to share documents among multiple offices, other companies or the public, as well as for record centers that are warehousing business documents, enabling their availability digitally through the Internet for client access," said Tim Nissen, Marketing Director of DocuLex. Archive Studio is facilitated by WebSearch, a component of the Archive Studio designed to allow sharing of document collections over the Internet. Some of the Archive Studio’s WebSearch-based capabilities include:* Workflow * Includes* Indexing* Search and retrieval* Collaboration* Records management* File storage* Requirements definition* Brochures* Quick references and guidesDocuLex users can take advantage of a custom portal designed specifically for their content management needs, including scanned paper converted to .pdf documents and e-mail attachments. Secure document access is a key component to the architecture of this hosting offering, with encrypted site access and SSL protection. Small businesses, service companies, large corporations and government agencies can use this solution to consolidate document management activities into one software package, when hosting document collections for various divisions and clients.This new service offering sounds very similar to that of Xythos' on Demand Document Management which has just recently seen an update,KnowledgeTree's offering and potentially the new MOSS SaaS service. Are they all equal in terms of functionality and capability? Probably not. But when evaluating best fit, you have to look at more than one and all of these solutions have some nice features, services and support.