DocuLex Releases SaaS-Based Solution for Remote DMS

There seems to be a much greater focus these days on the capture and management of paper documents. But it doesn't end there. Organizations also need to be able to collaborate on these types of stored documents. DocuLex's Archive Studio content management software is one option to help organizations do this efficiently.

Archive Studio for Document Management

Archive Studio provides easy information access to people working on projects in-house or remotely. The Web browser-based, information-imparting content management software facilitates the capture of paper and electronic documents, OCR enabled and indexed for organization either in their native formats or PDF.

Access Via a Permission-based Portal

Users can access information via a permission-based portal, which utilizes SharePortal technology. By securely sharing content and collaborating with third party individuals or organizations without the need for administering user logins, the portal can be utilized for sharing all file types, even large or zipped files with outside vendors, customers and business associates without email firewalls, ftp and faxing.

Competition Among Electronic Document Management

With the recent economic downturn, businesses are scrambling to cut costs, while remaining productive and efficient. With recent software initiatives by IBM, which aim to help organizations automate their business processes and subsequently lower operating costs and reducing paper consumption, competition among electronic document management providers is flourishing.

While the internet initially promised to reduce or eliminate the need for printing and hard-copy document storage, the truth is that people rely heavily on paper to perform everyday duties, despite the high cost associated with lost documents. It might just take a recession to make e-documents the newest trend in the enterprise.