Despite the economy, Thunderhead (news, site) has shown solid growth with its Enterprise Communications Platform that enables business users to manage the process of creating intelligent, personalized communications across multiple channels, end-to-end.

Spend to Save

The current mantra in many offices is "save, save, save." Sometimes, that can only be done by spending, as Thunderhead has proved with its impressive first quarter results. The company offers assistance in automating complex document processes and utilizing multi-channel communications, a time and money saver for any organization with a sizable paper trail. Further signs of success including being an IBM partner of the year.

So, what is Thunderhead's attraction? Thunderhead NOW, the product behind the success, is based on open standards and XML, to help it fit into any enterprises' system. Compatible with most Enterprise Content Management Systems and BPM systems, instead of having a mass of documentation in endless systems.

Keep Your Documents Tidy

Thunderhead helps contain all an enterprises' documents in one location, saving resources and helping to maintain a consistent documentation system across the company. Thunderhead consists of several layers to the system:

  • NOW Core - A highly scalable, rules-based engine for assembling and outputting Thunderhead documents.
  • Design Layer - Three applications allowing users to create templates, including review and workflow procedures.
  • Collaboration Layer - Web-based modules to allow users across departments to work together to create  the right document.
  • Business Process Layer - Helps capture data, manage ad hoc and non-standard documents
  • Management Layer - Aids analysis to further improve documents and processes.

Thanks to its powerful technology, Thunderhead accomplished an almost 50% increase in year-over-year revenues from the same period in 2008, impressive results at a time when many companies are slashing forecasts and staff.

In addition, profit for the quarter rose over 300% year-over-year, furthering the company’s strong cash position.

Recently recognized as the fastest growing technology company in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the 2008 Deloitte Technology Fast 500, Thunderhead may have some tips for surviving in this tough economy, so take a coser look.