Document Capture and Imaging Comes to Laserfiche ECM

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What happens when we make a comment about it being a while since we've heard from Laserfiche (news, site)? They suddenly burst with new news. In this case the new news, following shortly after the announcement of WebLink 8, consists of a document imaging and capture tool.

Quick Fields 8 works on the front-end of Laserfiche's ECM product suite, allowing each department to customize capture and image processing for their own forms, documents, and data.


They may fly low to us, but the company has been doing their thing since 1987 and to date has helped more than 27,000 organizations worldwide. Laserfiche is generally known around these parts for document management, records management and Rio, their SharePoint-friendly enterprise content management solution.

Rio debuted around this time last year as what Laserfiche called "the enterprise management solution you've been looking for" but since then any related news has--again--been under our radar.

Another Breakthrough?

Now the company is back with Quick Fields 8, and they're still rich with self-praise. Claiming it to a "breakthrough in configurable forms processing for the enterprise," Quick Fields 8 extends the possibilities of integration, allowing IT to run custom processes on document components and return them to Quick Fields for further processing.

Learning Opportunities

Other features include:

  • Revamped user interface with movable panes
  • Customizable toolbars
  • Collapsible menus for improved customization
  • Administrators can configure the exact fields operators need to see, in the format they prefer.
  • Auto-annotation enables document processing to include the auto redaction of secure information

Additionally, the included scripting kit runs custom C# and VB.NET scripts or exchange data with outside databases and applications. This boosts Quick Fields 8 to a level of customization capabilities that some organizations have only dreamed of.

"Since 2003, Quick Fields has provided an edge over other capture programs by allowing reprocessing of archived documents," said Laserfiche Vice President of Product Management,Tom Wayman. "This extraction, transformation and loading capability enable enterprises to mine their content for new insights by reprocessing forms and gathering new data."

For more information, redirect yourself to the Quick Fields site.