Dynamic Content and Global Delivery Options Added to Component Content Managment Solution

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SDL Trisoft Unveils v3.7 of CCM
The latest version of SDL Trisoft – Trisoft 3.7 - has just been released, and if the UK-based vendor of this Component Content Management (CCM) system has got it right, then this solution will dramatically increase the speed and quality of targeted technical writing.

Responding to the need of companies to provide customized content to users in their own language and over the web, Trisoft 3.7 has a number of new feature.

With out-of-the-box DITA functionality, this solution gives companies the ability to handle thousands of variations in technical content that can be integrated dynamically and according to customer needs.

New Features For Dynamic Content

Already an established platform for component content management, SDL Trisoft’s new version extends its capabilities with features geared to the increasing use by companies of dynamic content.

The company says that already many of their existing and new clients are moving towards structured authoring and DITA for tailor-made content in different industries.

“The new release extends SDL Trisoft’s already powerful condition and versioning capabilities by exposing those capabilities via an API which enables integration to the web for dynamic content delivery,” Frank Closset, CTO of SDL Trisoft said.

Before this latest release, Trisoft CCM could keep product information up-to-date and publish that information to different media, such as the Web, paper-based media or CD-Rom.

Personalized Content Publication

It differs from many other content management tools in that it focuses on publishing content in personalized and multilingual contexts, as well as dealing with issues around asset use and reuse.

Learning Opportunities

Current capabilities include:

  • Central repository storage of XML content with version and security controls
  • Automatic support for the OASIS DITA standards
  • Integration with most current XML authoring tools
  • Conditional text and variables support for customization and reuse of content
  • Easy production of documents with version controls of entire document, or elements in the document such as illustrations
  • Translation management in multilingual environment
  • Workflow management allowing web-based collaboration between authors, reviewers and translators

Single Source Content Solution

However, with an eye on the global market, the new features in Trisoft 3.7 will enhance the company’s ability to provide a single-source content solution that allows for the sharing, reuse and personalization of content for multinational companies.


SDL Trisoft's Component Content Management System

In a single environment, users can assemble their DITA maps, version components, check-out topics and publish the final product.

With direct access to the publishing environment through the Publication Manager, the output is automatically fed into the workflow repository.

Amongst the new features are:

  • Enhanced connectivity to Just System’sXMetal, Adobe FrameMaker and PTC Arbortext.
  • Content filtering using versions numbers
  • UI Publication Manager with enhanced search capabilities
  • Dynamically select conditions used in a given publication
  • Drag-and-Drop function in Publication Manager
  • Integration with SDL Translation Management System
  • SDL Global Authoring Management system integration for improving content quality

For companies with speed and global quality content provision as their principal business platforms, Trisoft might just provide a worthwhile ROI in very tough economic times.