ECM Provider Clearview Gets Cozier with SharePoint

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clearview releases version 5.0
Being that Clearview Enterprise Content Management is, as they say, the first SharePoint-based solution, we think they rock pretty hard. Well, in the world of Microsoft at least. And now, not even six months since we last reported an upgrade to Clearview ECM, they’ve gone and released version 5.0 (more rockage). The release offers lots of exciting changes and new features, including a new Business Process Management module and compatibility with Kofax 8.0.

Clearview and SharePoint Sitting in a Tree

Built exclusively for Microsoft technology standards (such as .NET, AJAX, SOA/Web Services, XML and SQL Server), it’s semi-fitting to understand Clearview ECM as, for some, a much needed accessory. By encapsulating SharePoint, Clearview extends the core content management capabilities already provided by Microsoft.In plain English, they turn an Enterprise Content Management system into a super deluxe Enterprise Content Management system by adding more enterprise level functionality. (You didn’t think we could use the word enterprise that many times in the same sentence, did you?)Claiming ECM will never be the same after their solution, Clearview leverages the following from SharePoint:* Collaborative workspaces* Social computing tools* Portal capabilities* Microsoft-based infrastructure

Super Deluxe Upgrades

Clearview Channel Services Manager Daniel Mayernik says, “The Clearview Ultimate Edition 5.0 delivers the unique advantage of content-centric business process management -- the content that drives business processes.” That’s a little, well, redundant. So, let’s take a closer look.The new Business Process Management module that comes with version 5.0 reduces implementation costs while automating processes. As a result, user productivity improves, while money is saved. And at the rate in which the economy is currently crashing, can you think of a better idea than saving money? ‘Cause we can’t. Additionally, version 5.0 brings intelligent indexing, index validation, external data access and compatibility with Kofax 8.0 to the table. The compatibility with Kofax is especially notable; because, according to Clearview, it enables rapid document class synchronization. So not only is Clearview saving your money, it saves you time as well. And that should be more than enough to justify the super deluxe/ultimate title, right?

Why Super Size with Clearview?

If you use SharePoint, chances are you either totally love it or absolutely hate it. (Does having to use IE for best browser compatibility get you down? Give you nightmares? Trust us, you are not alone.) Regardless of either one of those extremes, it’s hard not to admit that Microsoft has driven ECM market transformation with SharePoint, and anything that’s made to enhance the features of an already impressive and influential service has got to be on the right track. Though Clearview is not the only ECM vendor offering love to SharePoint, it is notable that they build exclusively for Microsoft, and it is highly likely that users will find the new developments in 5.0 to be extensions they never knew they always needed.To find out more about Clearview and the benefits of version 5.0, visit their Web site at www.clearviewecm.com